Instructions for authors

Submission Guidelines
1. Offering a manuscript for publication in the journal “The ideology and politics”, you represent and warrant that:
a) Article (any part of it, it shortened or extended version) must be unpublished in any language either in print or electronic version, has not to be offered at the same time in any other publishing office and will not be offered to any other publishing office until all issues about publication of an article will be solved in the magazine;
b) You are the author of the article and do not use pieces of previously published articles by other authors without clear reference to these sources. The research, which your text is based on, has done by you. If the research was done by the research team, all team members (regardless of status, degree and position) must be specified either as sponsors in the note or in the outset
c) The research, which your text is based on, is to be evaluated by two peer-reviewers. If the reviewers provide negative assessment, the editors cannot not accept the paper for publication. Also, for legal reasons, editors cannot provide authors with the details of negative assessments. By submitting their papers to the journal, the authors agree with these conditions.
2. In the beginning of the article specify your full name, first name and last name, your place of work, as well as postal and email address to contact you. These data will be published.
3. In the same section identify gratitude, information about funders, etc.
4. The Ideology and Politics Journal is royalty free publishing office.

5. IPJ does not accept papers with more than three authors.

Requirements for registration
1. The article should not be previously published, and should not be given to another journal for consideration and publication. If it does occur, it must be stated in the notes to the article.
2. The material that is sent must be in DOC or DOCX; pages must be without divisions, headers and footers, justified, all illustrations, charts, figures and tables should be placed in the text in the right place, but not at the end.
3. Formatting text articles:

  • Font: Times New Roman or Arial, or Georgia, 12 pt;
  • line spacing – 1.5, second paragraph – 1.25;
  • page parameters: top and bottom margin – 2 cm, left – 2,5 cm, right – 1,5 cm;

– First row – Last name, first name, place of work of the author (without abbreviations), OCRid; when several authors, information about each individual should be written in rows, e-mail;
– Next line – NAME ARTICLE – the center of the capital bold, indented from the previous text of 12 village;
– Next line – Abstract – centred uppercase bold font, text annotations written in language that was originally written (in paragraphs) and should have a volume of 600-800 characters;
 Key words (from the paragraph in bold) a list of keywords (three to eight, not bold);
– The text of the article (from 5 000 to 25 000 words);
– References in the text must be made by the Harvard system of citation (example:
– Referencing used in the text is accurate within the Harvard Referencing System. (You may use links to electronic sources with clearance citation according to this system).
– After the bibliography (if the article is not in English) – NAME ARTICLE (in English), Name and initials (in English, in bold), scientific degree, position, title, place of work of the author (without abbreviations), when several authors, information about each individual should be written in rows, e-mail; Resume: (centred, in bold) text annotations in English; Keywords: list of key words in English.

Making a bibliography:
Please note that the English text list of references differs to Russian or Ukrainian.
1. Enter the name, then the name or initials and year of publication, then the title of the work, place of publication and publishing house.
2. Names / initials should be reported as in the original text. If the publication indicated author’s name (John Smith), write: Ivanov, Ivan. If there are the initials, please write: Ivanov, IA
3. In the literature, referring to a separate article in a magazine or book, indicate the page. Referring to the publication in the main text, specify a specific page on which you are referring to. Page ranges are indicated by a short dash (En Dash): 99–102, not 99-102 or 99—102.
4. Titles of books and magazines (but not articles and chapters) are indicated in italics.
5. If you are referring to translated or re-publication, in brackets indicate the year of the first edition in the original language.
6. All the words except particles, conjunctions, prepositions and articles in titles of publications in English on the American tradition are written with a capital letter.
7. If the bibliography contains more than one work of an author in one year, the year of publication adds the letters a, b, etc.