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Freedom and Militarism in Post-Soviet Societies — Issue 1(6), 2016

Mikhail Minakov, Isaac Webb Freedom and Militarism in Post-Soviet Europe: Introductory Notes
Svitlana Batsyukova Motivating Factors for Advocacy in Countries with Different Freedom Statuses: Ukraine and Belarus
Marcel H. Van Herpen Russia’s Nuclear Threats and the Security of the Baltic States
Egor Isaev The Militarization of the Past in Russian Popular Historical Films
Shota Kakabadze Georgia’s Liminal Identity or the Never-ending Stage of Transition
Daria Goriacheva Understanding the “Ukrainian Crisis.” Metaphors used by Ukrainian, German, and British Leaders in 2014 – 16
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War, Propaganda and Political Process in Post-Soviet Societies Issue 1(5), 2015


Mikhail Minakov War, Propaganda and Political Process in Post-Soviet Societies: Introductory Notes[PDF]
Kostiantyn Fedorenko The Two Movements: Liberals and Nationalists during Euromaidan[PDF]
Olga Gulina The Ways to Solve the Conflict in Ukraine: Cold Peace, Cold War, and Peaceful Coexistence [PDF]
Mariëlle Wijermars The Making of a Political Myth: Stability “po-stolypinski”[PDF]
Olga Gulina Book Review: “Ethnic Policies in the Baltic States” by V. Poleshchuk and V. Stepanov[PDF]
Pavlo Bakhmut Book Review: “The Conflict in Ukraine: What Everyone Needs to Know” by Serhy Yekelchyk[PDF]
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The Integration and the Disintegration of ‘Big Europe’: The post-Soviet Experience — Issue 2, 2017

The Ideology and Politics Journal (IPJ) is dedicated to the analysis of ideologies in their political, social, and conceptual forms. Devoted to the advancement of understanding of socio-political processes in post-Soviet Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine, as well as the wider space of the former Soviet Union, the IPJ addresses the ideological and intellectual issues arising from the formation of new societies in post-Soviet space.  The IPJ encourages discussion of the historical, cultural and ethical dimensions of political action, with the intention of contributing to both the advancement of interdisciplinary research of contemporary ideologies and the promotion of good politics in the countries of the region.

The Ideology and Politics Journal is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal published once or twice a year in electronic form. The Journal is indexed by Scopus (since December 2016) and the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals, since 2015).

The upcoming issue is dedicated to the following theme:

  • Issue 2, 2017: The Integration and the Disintegration of ‘Big Europe’: The post-Soviet Experience

The Ideology and Politics Journal welcomes but does not limit submissions to the following topics:

  • Conceptualizations of Post-Soviet transitions
  • The Post-Sovietp olitical imagination of Europe
  • Perestroika and Europe as a ‘Common Home’
  • Post-Soviet European integrations
  • Integration and Disintegration in post-Soviet societies
  • Neo-traditionalism in post-Soviet politics and in state-building
  • Archaic elements in post-Soviet political cultures
  • “Retro-modernity” and its exemplars in Eastern Europe

Please send your articles (min 4,000 words, max. 15,000 words) by June 15, 2017

to the editor’s e-mail address [].

To enhance international dialogue on the regional issues, IPJ accepts the submission of articles in English, Russian and Ukrainian. All accepted articles are published in their original language with abstracts in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Submitted texts should be arranged in accordance with the Instructions for authors that are specified here: []. The decision on publication will be made subsequent to two blind peer reviews of the manuscript. All authors who have submitted their articles will be notified on Editorial Board’s decision by May 15 (for issue 1) and by September 15 (for issue 2), 2017.

Post-Soviet Order between the Tradition and Modernity Issue 1, 2014


Mikhail Minakov Ideological Innovations in the Post-Soviet Countries. Editorial introduction [PDF]
Sergiy Kurbatov, Alla Marchenko Diversification of The “Late Soviet”: Attitudes to Mikhail Gorbachev in The Mirrors of History Textbooks [PDF]
Jesko Schmoller Clientelism and the State in Uzbekistan[PDF]
Polina Kliuchnikova The Language Of Protest, Belonging And Exclusion: Russian Anti-Election Campaigns in Europe (2011-2012)[PDF]
Natalia Belitser The All-Ukrainian Union «Svoboda» and its Electorate, 2012-13[PDF]
Marharyta Fabrykant Clash of Ideologies? The Nationalist Challenge to Contemporary Russian Liberalism[PDF]
Anne Jürgens The Russian-Speaking Population In Estonia And Ukraine – Migration, Integration And Historical Position On The Way From A Titular Nation To A Minority[PDF]
Roman Dubasevych Review: “Warped mourning: Stories of the Undead in the Land of the Unburied” by Alexander Etkind[PDF]
Olga Gulina Review: “Crisis: Russia and the West in the Time of Troubles” by Lilia Shevtsova and David J. Kramer[PDF]
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The Post-Soviet Contrasts: Memory, Ideology, Conflict. Issue 1, 2013


Mikhail Minakov The Post-Soviet Contrasts: Memory, Ideology, Conflict. Editorial introduction [PDF]
Andrei P. Tsygankov Alexander Panarin as a mirror of Russian revolution [PDF]
Ievgeniia Sarapina Kiev/Kyiv: crossroads of memory politics [PDF]
Leonid Storch The Campaign Against Pussy Riot: Anti-Westernism in the Paradigm of the Beilis Case [PDF]
Vladimer Papava Eurasianism of Russian anti-westernism and a concept of Central CaucAsia [PDF]
Yehor Stadnyi Review: «The next generation in Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan: youth, politics, identity and change» by Nadia Diuk [PDF]
Mykhailo Koltsov Book review: «Metaphysics of Donetsk» [PDF]
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Higher Education, Ideology and Politics in the Post-Soviet Countries. Issue 2, 2012


Mykhailo Minakov, Myron Stachiw Higher Education, Ideology and Politics in the Post-Soviet Countries: Introductory Note [PDF]
Matthias Guttke, Florian Küchler, Oksana Shvaika Ideological foundations of educational reforms in Ukraine [PDF]
Peter N. Stearns Globalizing Higher Education: A Global Challenge [PDF]
Steven Bakker, Iwa Mindadze, David Ziegler External University Admission Testing: Assumed and Proven Validity [PDF]
Taras Dobko Intellectual and University: Obscurantism or Culture of Intellect? [PDF]
Olga Lakizyuk Competitive Capacity of Russian Education on International Market: Comparison of Educational Standards in Certain Disciplines [PDF]
Larysa Mytsyk Accreditation and Accountability: A Comparison between The United States and Ukraine as An Examination of Voluntary vs Mandated Accreditation [PDF]
Volodymyr Satsyk Contemporary Models of the Research Universities: Sources, Developmental Strategies and Pespectives in Ukraine [PDF]
Ganna Grebennikova Book Review: Internal Colonization: Russia’s Imperial Experience by Alexander Etkind [PDF]
Inna Sovsun Book Review: Schedule of Changes: Towards a History of Educational and Scientific Policies in the Russian Empire – USSR (end of 1880 through 1930s) [PDF]
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Ideological Innovations in the Post-Soviet Countries. Issue 1, 2012


Mikhail Minakov Ideological Innovations in the Post-Soviet Countries. Editorial introduction [PDF]
Anna Schor-Tschudnowskaja From a “New Human” to “Luxury Life”: The Political Significance of Tempting Images in Post-Soviet Russia [PDF]
Vadym Triukhan The Eastern Dimension of European Integration: Paving the Way to Europe [PDF]
Natalia Koulinka Belarus and Its Flight From Democracy: Political discourse and the people’s choice in the 1994 presidential elections [PDF]
Oleksiy Koval An Ideological Blunder: Chinese Lessons Learned from the Soviet Collapse  [PDF]
Olga Lakizyuk The Reference to Culture in Migration Policies and Social Relations [PDF]
Ganna Grebennikova Political Sociology for a Globalizing World by Michael S. Drake, review [PDF]