Call for submissions

The Integration and the Disintegration of ‘Big Europe’: The post-Soviet Experience — Issue 2, 2017

The Ideology and Politics Journal (IPJ) is dedicated to the analysis of ideologies in their political, social, and conceptual forms. Devoted to the advancement of understanding of socio-political processes in post-Soviet Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine, as well as the wider space of the former Soviet Union, the IPJ addresses the ideological and intellectual issues arising from the formation of new societies in post-Soviet space.  The IPJ encourages discussion of the historical, cultural and ethical dimensions of political action, with the intention of contributing to both the advancement of interdisciplinary research of contemporary ideologies and the promotion of good politics in the countries of the region.

The Ideology and Politics Journal is a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal published once or twice a year in electronic form. The Journal is indexed by Scopus (since December 2016) and the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals, since 2015).

The upcoming issue is dedicated to the following theme:

  • Issue 2, 2017: The Integration and the Disintegration of ‘Big Europe’: The post-Soviet Experience

The Ideology and Politics Journal welcomes but does not limit submissions to the following topics:

  • Conceptualizations of Post-Soviet transitions
  • The Post-Sovietp olitical imagination of Europe
  • Perestroika and Europe as a ‘Common Home’
  • Post-Soviet European integrations
  • Integration and Disintegration in post-Soviet societies
  • Neo-traditionalism in post-Soviet politics and in state-building
  • Archaic elements in post-Soviet political cultures
  • “Retro-modernity” and its exemplars in Eastern Europe

Please send your articles (min 4,000 words, max. 15,000 words) by June 15, 2017

to the editor’s e-mail address [].

To enhance international dialogue on the regional issues, IPJ accepts the submission of articles in English, Russian and Ukrainian. All accepted articles are published in their original language with abstracts in English, Russian and Ukrainian.

Submitted texts should be arranged in accordance with the Instructions for authors that are specified here: []. The decision on publication will be made subsequent to two blind peer reviews of the manuscript. All authors who have submitted their articles will be notified on Editorial Board’s decision by May 15 (for issue 1) and by September 15 (for issue 2), 2017.