Higher Education, Ideology and Politics in the Post-Soviet Countries. Issue 2, 2012


Mykhailo Minakov, Myron Stachiw Higher Education, Ideology and Politics in the Post-Soviet Countries: Introductory Note [PDF]
Matthias Guttke, Florian Küchler, Oksana Shvaika Ideological foundations of educational reforms in Ukraine [PDF]
Peter N. Stearns Globalizing Higher Education: A Global Challenge [PDF]
Steven Bakker, Iwa Mindadze, David Ziegler External University Admission Testing: Assumed and Proven Validity [PDF]
Taras Dobko Intellectual and University: Obscurantism or Culture of Intellect? [PDF]
Olga Lakizyuk Competitive Capacity of Russian Education on International Market: Comparison of Educational Standards in Certain Disciplines [PDF]
Larysa Mytsyk Accreditation and Accountability: A Comparison between The United States and Ukraine as An Examination of Voluntary vs Mandated Accreditation [PDF]
Volodymyr Satsyk Contemporary Models of the Research Universities: Sources, Developmental Strategies and Pespectives in Ukraine [PDF]
Ganna Grebennikova Book Review: Internal Colonization: Russia’s Imperial Experience by Alexander Etkind [PDF]
Inna Sovsun Book Review: Schedule of Changes: Towards a History of Educational and Scientific Policies in the Russian Empire – USSR (end of 1880 through 1930s) [PDF]
Our Contributors [PDF]


Ideological Innovations in the Post-Soviet Countries. Issue 1, 2012


Mikhail Minakov

Ideological Innovations in the Post-Soviet Countries. Editorial introduction [PDF]

Anna Schor-Tschudnowskaja

From a “New Human” to “Luxury Life”: The Political Significance of Tempting Images

in Post-Soviet Russia [PDF]

Vadym Triukhan

The Eastern Dimension of European Integration: Paving the Way to Europe [PDF]

Natalia Koulinka

Belarus and Its Flight From Democracy: Political discourse and the people’s choice

in the 1994 presidential elections [PDF]

Oleksiy Koval

An Ideological Blunder: Chinese Lessons Learned from the Soviet Collapse  [PDF]

Olga Lakizyuk

The Reference to Culture in Migration Policies and Social Relations [PDF]

Ganna Grebennikova

Political Sociology for a Globalizing World by Michael S. Drake, review [PDF]


The Post-Soviet Contrasts: Memory, Ideology, Conflict. Issue 1(3), 2013

Mikhail Minakov The Post-Soviet Contrasts: Memory, Ideology, Conflict. Editorial introduction 2
Andrei P. Tsygankov Alexander Panarin as a mirror of Russian revolution 4
Ievgeniia Sarapina Kiev/Kyiv: crossroads of memory politics 5
Leonid Storch The Campaign Against Pussy Riot: Anti-Westernism in the Paradigm of the Beilis Case 6
Vladimer Papava Eurasianism of Russian anti-westernism and a concept of Central CaucAsia 7
Yehor Stadnyi Review: «The next generation in Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan: youth, politics, identity and change» by Nadia Diuk 8
Mikhailo Koltsov Book review: «Metaphysics of Donetsk» 9
Our Authors 10